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3 No-brainer Reasons to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Posted on February 17th, 2016

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Did you miss the memo?  It’s been almost a year since Google implemented its algorithm that punishes websites that aren’t mobile friendly.  On April 21, 2015 Google announced that websites lacking mobile friendly designs would see decreased search engine rankings in mobile search engine results.

That said, I want to share with you 3 reasons to stop asking yourself, “Do I need a mobile friendly website?”


1. Your Customers Are on Their Phones & Tablets

Newsflash! Smartphone and tablet usage is through the roof and your losing customers if you aren’t providing them with an easy to use, mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Digital Media Time Spent

Since 2010, smartphone usage is up 394% and tablet usage is up 1,721% with combined mobile usage now accounting for 60% of total digital media time spent. Mobile is now the primary device your customers are using to access the internet, which means your website must be designed with a mobile first mindset to ensure you are not losing potential customers and current clients.

But, “Do I need a mobile friendly website?” Yes, because if your content isn’t easy to view for 60% of your customers they will go where it is.


2. Your Search Engine Rankings Depend on It

With the huge shift in time spent on the internet for mobile versus desktop users, Google announced on April 21, 2015 that its newest algorithm would focus on “boosting the ranking of mobile friendly pages on mobile search results.”  This was to provide searches with “high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.”

If your website isn’t mobile friendly your competitors may be outranking you in mobile search results driving business away from you and into their open arms.

So, “Do I need a mobile friendly website?” Yes, because if you aren’t in the top search results, you may as well not be listed at all.


3. Your Behind the Times

Mobile friendly websites have become the norm for both national brands and local businesses.  If your depending on a website that only works well on desktop computers you may be giving your current clients and prospective customers indication that you are out of date.  You may have already seen a decline in business if you are not using a mobile friendly design. Your website is the primary way many of your customers will communicate with and view your brand. Does your standard website provide them with your story or does it indicate something else?

Mobile Friendly Droid Screenshot

“Do I need a mobile friendly website?” Yes, because your image is defined by your online presence.


“I already have a separate mobile friendly site.”

Although having a separate mobile friendly site was the norm a few years ago, it is well known that Google penalizes sites with duplicate content.  It 2016 it is more important to have a responsive website design that is easily view on on devices of different sizes.  Not only does this create a website that is easier to use on tablets, smartphones and desktops but also reduces the cost and amount of time it takes to create a website. Flexible layouts, text-size and images creates a unique experience of all uses without hurting content or search engine rankings.


“I need a mobile friendly site. Now what?”

If you are ready to move forward with a mobile friendly website tzo creative can help.  Every website we develop is responsive and displays great on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.  Call 406-219-5581 or email for a free consultation and quote.

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